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Shotgun Karaoke #13 Paul Dempsey Something for Kate



One of my best friends and ex housemates came over last night for a late night bud session and catch up.
It was so nice, I haven’t really spoken too him properly since I had my last breakdown. Which is the first breakdown I’d had since he od’d in my room and nearly died, as well as what happened with his ex after they broke up.
We didn’t talk about those things specifically but we went through a lot in that house. It was so good too see and speak to him especially now that he’s getting help and getting clean and that’s his only goal and he really does want this. I was a bit apprehensive at first I guess because I was unsure if he was fully in it and really does want to get clean. Everyone else apart from me has pretty much given up trying and putting in the effort and fallen back into it. I guess I was just scared that it may be a half assed attempt.
He is getting closure on a number of issues in which he was putting off and in turn took a severe toll.
Also he has to be able to reflect back on the past because it’s important to deal with what’s happened and to reflect back on the life you know longer want to live and move on with things. I’m so proud of him though, he said “sometimes I don’t feel like anyone’s proud of what I’m doing”. That was pretty hard too hear I guess a lot of people may expect or think he will just give up. I however have a lot of faith in him and that he can do it, he can he’s a strong person he just needs to learn to deal with things in different and better ways.


Are a constant disappointment…
Even when you have little or no expectations.

Day 1

Of new course in Community Service Work done.
Feel like I’ve finally made the right decision for my future and that I’m really going to enjoy this course.
Things are finally looking up!

Growing up so fast.
Gotten me through so many hard times, it’s incredible just how much impact a pet can have on your life.

It’s that dangerous time

When I find out how much I am getting paid next fortnight and I will have enough money after everything to just about buy an eventide timefactor

The facts about ‘boat people’ – The government and media are lying

The dehumanisation of Asylum Seekers that has happen over time is utterly appalling. They are People, people who have rights, rights to seek Asylum, the right to seek Asylum in Australia, they are not illegals. They are human beings and we have an obligation to treat them as such, we are signed to the UN Refugee Convention. How we have become a nation that treats people seeking asylum like prisoners is beyond me. This is not a Political issue it is a humanitarian issue.

"Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken but you will always see the cracks in that motherfucker’s reflection."

- Friend

Little man got desexed, vaccinated and microchipped today, tired and sore but he’s been such a good boy.

MGMT - Live on David Letterman (Full Performance)

Incredible, such an amazing performance. Definitely one people will be talking about in decades to come I think.

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